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10 Easy Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

October 01, 2020 3 min read

10 Easy Ways to Hydrate Your Skin

Did you know that each day, we lose approximately 1 litre of water from our skin through evaporation? If we're not re-hydrating as we're losing water, aside from the obvious physiological troubles dehydration causes, our skin will also feel - and even look thirsty.

Our skin needs hydration and moisture to retain its elasticity. Essentially, the best skincare product is a 2 litre intake of water daily. Sagging skin, fine lines and dryness become evident when we've neglected this aspect of our skincare. 

We know it's not always easy to remember or accessible to hydrate as much as we can, so we've compiled some easy ways for you to stay on top of your water intake:


    The easiest and most accessible way to hydrate. If you're at home, keep a water bottle in the rooms you enter most frequently, so whether your working, in bed or watching TV there's water always within reach.


    Fruit and vegetables, such as melon, cucumbers and tomatoes carry high levels of water making them great for hydration as well as nutrition. Make sure you're incorporating your 5 a day in general; but if you're parched and there's only food available, grab foods low in salt and sugar (which will make you even thirstier) and opt for the healthier options. You'll feel the difference immediately.


    Some people can't stand the taste of water - and that's okay! Flavoured water is still water. For a healthier alternative, add a slice of lemon, lime, cucumber or even berries to your water bottle to zest or sweeten up your experience.


    The biggest trick our brain plays on us is making us believe we're hungry when we're really just thirsty! Next time you feel hungry at an odd hour or late at night, reach for a glass of water first - it may just quench those cravings.


    As tempting as it may be to indulge when you're out and about, choosing water at lunch or dinner is not only the hydrating option but it's also the cheaper option! Help your pocket and your skin by keeping your cravings to your food selections when you're out.


    If you're really forgetful, super busy or just need motivation think about setting an alarm at regular intervals during the day. If you're working, being reminded to take water breaks can force you to take screen breaks, stretch and stay moving as well as keeping you watered.


    Hot water has been shown to boost immunity - something we could all embrace during today's times. There are also so many varieties and flavour options, with great added benefits too. Peppermint for weight loss and chamomile for sleep? Yes please...


    Why not bring on your partner, family or friends on board and challenge each other to stay hydrated? The most effective system is a support system, and having those that live with you on the same path will only encourage you to keep these great habits!


    Ideally, preventing moisture loss from your skin and protecting your skin's moisture barrier is the first step to acing the game with your skincare routine. Make sure the products your purchasing are not overly drying and stripping your skin of key nutrients and oils. Ingredients like alcohols and parabens are guilty of stripping your skin's natural barrier, so be careful.


    If you're not thirsty after reading this then you needed this blog post in your life! Apply your Clay Rosé mask and make yourself a cup of herbal tea. After all, self-care should not be reserved to Sundays!

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