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Product Details - Ingredients + Use

  • Bentonite Clay: attracts negatively-charged toxins, removing them from the skins pores by absorbing excess sebum - the primary cause of clogged pores and acne flare-ups.

    UltraVentilated French Rose Clay: comprised of Kaolin and Red clay. Kaolin, rich in silica dioxide and neutral in pH, balances the skins natural oils by clearing dirt to brighten and tone. Red Clay, rich in iron oxide, promotes healing by removing dead skin cells, bringing immediate relief to irritated skin.

    Rose Hip: concentrated with Vitamin C, E, A, & D, protects skin against free radicals to slow down signs of aging by smoothing fine lines and encouraging collagen production.

    Sandalwood: evens complexion by treating hypo/hyperpigmentation and dark spots caused by sun exposure. It targets bacteria from daily aggressors and pollutants before they have time to nestle into pores.

    Rosa Centifolia: comprised of 63% phenylethanol and antioxidants to condition skin and tighten pores, reducing redness and inflammation. It is suitable for all skin sensitivities.